About Us


Diamonds on your inside. That’s what we want. Don’t you? We only have one life. Make it count!

Mary Kathryn Bass and Leslie Needleman, CHHC, have been long lost soul mates for their entire lives. Born seven days apart at the dawn of disco, they met through their children’s school. Carpools and school auction parties were just the beginning of a partnership that would shine brighter than they imagined.

When Needleman learned of her cancer diagnosis, Bass was there to share in her long journey. As Leslie learned everything she could about the healing power of nutrition, Mary Kathryn was excited to listen and learn too.

They learned they were both in love with a healthy, happy lifestyle that included mind, body and spirit. It was Bass who urged The GEM idea alongside Needleman’s new nutrition foundation and her “Diamonds on Your Inside” counseling program (which inspired the name, “The GEM.”)

They spent hours testing the perfect combinations of ingredients to ensure everything would be approachable and delicious. Standards are high: If they won’t eat it, they won’t serve it.

“We want people to experience the great taste and good feeling our GEM offerings bring,” says Bass. “Then we tell them it’s organic and vegan and it usually involves kale!”

They love sharing their “Peace. Happy. Juice.” with you, and continue to impart their “GEM-my” ways into every aspect of The GEM.