Using fresh organic ingredients in non-HPP, cold-pressed juice turns it into an illness-fighting and detoxifying powerhouse.

HONESTLY ORGANIC. Organic juice is free of toxins, pesticides and GMOs AND contains more nutrients! It’s hard to find organic ingredients ALL the time and many can’t. We’ve travelled far and wide to keep our commitment to you!

NON-HPP & REALLY FRESH. But organic’s not enough for us — or for you. Our Juice is non-HPP — bottled without high-pressure processing. Other folk use that enzyme-killing technique to extend the shelf life of their “fresh” product up to six weeks. Yuck! We say No Thanks!


Curbside Pickup + Online Ordering Now Available!

The GEM now accepts online orders, right from our website! Immune-boosting, nutrient-dense GEM goodness, right at your fingertips. Stock up today!

Eight Years In, We’re Shining Brighter Than Ever (And GROWING)!

What started as a simple idea 8 years ago to spread our passion for health has transformed into a powerful GEM community. Because of this, we’re glowing more than ever before (and GROWING!).

Resolutions NOT To Make This Year (And What To Do Instead!)

Forget those lofty aspirations, ditch that silly diet, and make your health really SHINE this year with these five daily goals.

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