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The REAL 411 On CBD (And Why You Need It!)

Got anxiety? Hate that joint pain? Need to SLEEP better? Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is your new R&R BFF—and now available at The GEM!

The Gratitude of 10 Years Cancer-Free

In celebration of ten years cancer-free, I commit to honor those fighting breast cancer by spreading authentic goodness and healing opportunities every day.

Arm Yourself Against Cancer: The #HonestlyOrganic Way

An organic, whole foods diet is only the first step to living a cancer-free life. Keep the treasures safe with these essential lifestyle changes.

When Your Real Life Can’t Be #HonestlyOrganic

We’ve got the quick and dirty on which organic fruits and veggies you just can’t skimp on, and which ones are traditionally grown up-to-snuff and safe for your family.

Why We Live #HonestlyOrganic

Want to disco your way into a whole new healthy lifestyle? We’ve got 5 reasons why choosing organic is oh-so-critical to your overall health. No pesticides, no GMOs, no kidding.

7 Ways to Say Goodbye to Summer Slacking

Hate to break the news, but the summer party is officially OVER. Get back on the healthy train with 7 tips that’ll make you feel lighter and brighter again!

Celebrating 7 Years: What We’ve Loved (And Learned)

7 Years of Organic Juice

Since opening our doors back in 2012, we’re SHINING BRIGHTER than ever before, thanks to you! Here’s what we’ve learned on our organic juice journey.

Be a GEM! Go Strawless This Earth Week!

It’s one of our favorite days — the world-wide celebration of Earth Day on April 22! With that, it is time to renew our commitment to… Read more

Healthy Begins at Bedtime: Go to Sleep!

Listen up, Sleeping Beauty: When it comes to health, QUALITY SLEEP just might be the most overlooked element there is. While optimized nutrition changes are an integral… Read more

22 Healthy Snacks Teens Will Devour

Healthy Snacks for Teens

Don’t get in the way of a hungry teen looking for sustenance. Their growing bodies and brains need healthy snacks when they need them. So if… Read more