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GEMJuice Benefits.  AAAmazing!

  1. Best way to get daily recommended fruits & vegetables
  2. Straight shot to the system of vitamins, phytonutrients, & enzymes–exactly as your body wants them
  3. Aids in the removal of toxins stored in your fat cells, liver, kidneys. See ya toxic weight!
  4. WEIGHT LOSS, with reduced cravings
  5. Promotes an alkaline system (diseases thrive in an acidic system)
  6. Clears the mind and balances mood
 (read: makes you happy!)
  7. Improves complexion
 and makes your eyes bright (GIVES YOU THAT GLOW)
  8. Increased ENERGY! It’s the real energy drink!
  9. Overall Improved Health
  10. Did we mention it really does make you happy and glow? We mean it!

By daily dosing at The Gem, you provide your body with a high dose of naturally-derived nutrients that boosts your health, promotes immunity, and keeps you well-protected against toxins and disease. The added bonus? Bright shiny eyes and clearer, more vibrant skin. Here at The GEM, we call that GLOW.

The Detox factor

Juice Cleanses are an excellent way to detox the safe, vibrant way. Choosing a one-day or three-day GEM Cleanse program further promotes the elimination of stored toxins in the body—giving your system a well-deserved rest while still being fed clean, potent micro-nutrients. Read more about how the GEM Juice Cleanse programs give you the GLOW here.

Juice or Smoothie?

GEM smoothies are an exceptional way to nourish the body. Ours are made with only the freshest organic fruits and vegetables with added goodness and proteins such as organic Chia seeds, raw AMAZING MEAL protein, house-made cashew milk or maca. Unlike juices, smoothie ingredients are blended and contain insoluble fiber. (Fiber is an essential, all-too-often lacking ingredient in our diet. Why? Because it not only keeps our insides moving, it helps your digestive system maintain the right levels of good bacteria and aids liver function).

So when considering whether to choose a smoothie or a juice, think of it like this: smoothies contain fiber and usually protein as well, making them a great choice for a meal. Juice can act as first course or a swift shot of energy when you need a kick. You need both!