Doing the 3-Day GEM Cleanse.

Congratulations! You are about to experience what promises to be one of the most exhilarating and rejuvenating things you can do for yourself. Take a moment to thank yourself for the commitment you are about to make to cleaner, brighter health. This miraculous 3-day program includes 6 bottles of cold-pressed juice made especially for you in our canary- diamond yellow, cold-pressed juicers. You will pick up your “6-pack” of the freshest and finest juice every morning, bright and early.

Are you going to be hungry? Maybe a little. But the reward for your discipline and power will far outweigh any twinge. This is a journey—and you can do it.

We are there every step of the way to answer questions, provide support, and even deliver a swift kick in the pants when needed! Seriously, just call or email us.


Your day inside the Original GEM Cleanse looks like this:

7 am (or before): Start your day with 32 ounces of filtered water. Don’t complain—it’s not that bad! Come by The GEM and get your 6-pack to glow! (Have some green tea if you like.)
8 am: Drink your first Green Glow juice. Kale contains bone-building calcium and keeps disease at bay.
10 am: Drink another one. Smile! Remember the cucumber has a great alkalizing effect and is the best diuretic. Did you know veggies contain real protein? Your system is so happy right now.
(Don’t forget to drink your water!)
12 noon: Put on your Ruby Slippers. Dance. Beets help detoxify the blood and flush out floating body fats. Keep at it. (Do we need to repeat? Water.)
2-ish: Spice it up with fresh lemonade made with grade B organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Let the detox and the increased metabolism begin!
You may start feeling some detox effects. This is normal. Push through, it will pass and never be seen again. (And don’t forget to drink your water!)
4:30 pm: Green glow: ginger is a great anti-inflammatory and makes those joints sing. (More water.)
6:30-ish: Rich cashew milk will satisfy and make you happy. (You could drink half of this earlier if you wish.)

*Our other cleanse levels look very similar to this, just different juices!

Fast Forward 3 Days Later . . .

Boosted immune system. Elevated mood and sex drive. Normalized blood pressure. Increased energy. Younger feeling and appearance. Clear skin. A true GEM.


Important things to know while you cleanse

The Three Facets of a Successful GEM Cleanse: Water. Rest. Elimination.

The success of your GEM cleanse is dependent on doing it right. It’s important that you nourish your body in multiple ways while you’re treating it to these amazing juices. These three elements are vital to your overall success and are things we at The GEM can’t do for you. You must do these yourself. Your body will love you for it!

Wake up with 32 ounces right off the bat. Drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day. Additionally, you may choose to take a probiotic every day to keep your intestines balanced and to help replace the good bacteria that your body needs.

We suggest going to bed as early as possible. You will probably be tired.

Eliminate. (All toxins)
You have to help expedite the release of toxins from your system. Accelerate your lymphatic and circulatory systems by things like: Dry brushing each morning to shed dead skin cells. Get a massage to get the lymphatics moving. Meditate (toxins are also in our thoughts). Slow Down. You may want to lighten up on your regular exercise routine: hard-core cardio should be put on hold for the next few days.  But, we do urge you to do some exercise each day.

Note: also be sure to avoid gum or mints while cleansing. They promote the release of digestive enzymes that make you hungry! Plus, they are riddled with toxic artificial sweeteners like Aspartame. YUCK.


Detox in Motion

Some people experience detox symptoms during a GEM cleanse. These may include headache, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, runny nose, skin blemishes and nausea. Maybe one, maybe none, maybe all. Your digestive system gets some much-needed time off and your radiant body gets to work on other things: releasing toxins and adjusting to the clean nutrients it is being gifted. There is no need to worry—in fact, although unpleasant, symptoms are often a good sign. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms, drink an herbal tea that can help combat them naturally but don’t take any over-the-counter chemicals. Optimally, we suggest eliminating all solid foods, but there is sanctioned cheating, such as having a few slices of cucumber or apple if you must. If you need something warm and savory at dinnertime, boil some veggies with herbs and a little sea salt and drain the broth into a bowl. This is a perfectly acceptable addition to The GEM Cleanse.

Remember, detoxification brings enormous benefits!

  • Clarity, Energy & Well-being
  • Radiant Skin & Bright Eyes
  • Significant Loss of Cravings for vices such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, and junk foods


The GEM Cleanse FAQ


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