Before The GEM Cleanse

As you prepare to cleanse, it’s important to get into the GEM mindset. You’re about to do something wonderful for yourself and you should honor your efforts with a little mental and literal preparation. First, read our, “What you should know before you cleanse,” points. Not everyone is in a good position to cleanse and you should know before you begin. With a green light, get ready to glow!

We recommend a new lifestyle change that includes 32 ounces of water when you wake each morning. This is BEFORE anything else goes into your system. By giving your body a head start on flushing out unwanted toxins, you stand to reduce the chances of experiencing unpleasant detox symptoms.

Next, begin to clear your mind and your schedule of unneeded baggage. Stress and negativity are the antithesis of clean, clear and vibrant. Begin to think about the peace and clarity you’re about to experience and give yourself some needed rest.

Read our Doing the GEM Cleanse page to know exactly what each day will look like. Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have in advance. The more you know about what you’re about to experience, the more likely you are to have amazing results!

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After The GEM Cleanse

You get a gold, or should we say GREEN, star! You’ve given your body an amazing internal spa retreat. And in order for this hard work to REALLY pay off, we want to share with you a plan of action for the ‘after glow’ you deserve. This plan will help keep you on track and maximize the effects of your cleanse.

The first three days post cleanse should consist mostly of fruits and veggies. Below are some options of foods to eat for the first 3 days post-cleanse:

Days 1 & 2 &  3:
Breakfast: Fruit, GEM smoothie or green juice
Lunch: Raw salad, one type of steamed vegetable, healthy fats like avocado, coconut/olive oils
Dinner: Raw salad, steamed vegetables, rice & beans/or a small amount of other whole grain starches such as quinoa or sweet potato.

We really recommend you still avoid meat, poultry, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods during the after cleanse period.

After day 3—and only if you really decide it is necessary—you can slowly reintroduce meat and dairy products. We recommend wild fish like salmon or halibut in place of beef, pork, and chicken. Dairy should be consumed at a minimum. See how you feel. The GEM Cleanse was designed to rid your body of cravings that make us toxic. Too much of some of these foods put you back on the same track to toxic, weighted misery. Rock on!

Want to go deeper? We offer the Diamonds on Your Inside custom meal planning and health counseling programs. We truly are here to help you transform into your best self! Give us a shout…

The GEM Cleanse FAQ


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