Our Creed

At The GEM, we believe in sharing the love—the peace, the happy and the juice! We live by Our Creed and we pass the love to you in everything we do!

WE BELIEVE in 100 % organic.
WE BELIEVE in raw health-enhancing juice with heart and soul.
WE BELIEVE that pure, wholesome food is medicine for the body, mind and soul.
WE BELIEVE smoothies, juices and foods should be clean.
WE BELIEVE soups should be made completely from scratch.
WE BELIEVE in the highest quality ingredients.
WE BELIEVE all calories are NOT created equal.
WE BELIEVE a healthy lifestyle can be exhilarating and uplifing.
WE BELIEVE in composting and recycling.
WE BELIEVE disco music is a cure for anything that ails the soul.

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